Graduate Coach welcomes decision to retain Graduate Route, but says greater career support needed for International Students

Graduate Coach, the leading graduate coaching company, assisting international graduates in securing employment in the UK, welcomes Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s decision to maintain the Graduate Route in its current form. However, the government also has announced the system is under ‘review’ and is planning to announce a string of measures to crack down on ‘abuse’ of the route by international students.


Chris Davies

Chris Davies, CEO of Graduate Coach highlights that maintaining the route is good news as it provides consistency and certainty for students as well as financial stability for some universities that would have been under threat financially if it had been axed. However, he questions why more isn’t being done to support international students when they graduate in their job searches.


He said, “While it’s encouraging that the Graduate visa route has been retained, it’s disheartening that the support for international graduates in finding employment is so woeful. In my 14 years of experience supporting graduates into the job market, I have seen very little effort from universities to assist graduates in securing jobs. This leaves many talented individuals struggling to navigate the UK job market.”

“Unfortunately, around 85% of graduates who seek our help report receiving no assistance from their universities in job hunting,” Davies continued. “The reality is that about 80% of UK companies are reluctant to hire international graduates, often due to misconceptions about the complex visa process or a lack of awareness about the available visas.”


Davies highlighted several challenges international graduates face in the job market. “Many small and medium-sized enterprises are unaware that the visa process is straightforward, leading to automatic rejections. Larger companies, who are ‘approved’ for taking on international graduates are overwhelmed with applications, can afford to be highly selective as often there can be 3,000 or more candidates for each opening, making it even harder for international graduates to stand out.”


Graduate Coach has a proven track record of success in placing international graduates in paid employment.

However, Davies stresses, “We only work with candidates we believe can secure employment, those with good degrees and significant work experience either in the UK or their home countries. We ensure all CVs are ATS compliant and prepare our candidates thoroughly for the job market.”


He concludes, “While it’s a positive development that the Graduate Route will remain, it is bittersweet knowing that these students are often left to fend for themselves when seeking employment. They pay a major premium to study here and contribute significantly to the UK economy and academic community, yet the support for their transition into the workforce is minimal”

Graduate Coach calls on the government and universities to enhance their support systems for international graduates.

“There needs to be a concerted effort to educate employers about the benefits and simplicity of hiring international graduates. Additionally, universities should take a more proactive role in career support services tailored to the needs of these students. We must ensure that these talented individuals are given the support they need to thrive in the UK job market, benefiting both the graduates and the broader economy,” Davies concluded.


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