Capital thinking: new poll reveals top 20 minds who are inspiring the future growth of london

A new survey today identifies the leading figures who are inspiring and contributing to the growth of London’s booming events sector.

Dragons Den star Steven Bartlett, Olympics legend Sebastian Coe and billionaire Virgin tycoon Richard Branson were among the names identified in the poll.

They are among 20 of the capital’s leading lights as the city cements its status as a leading hub for a diverse array of events post the pandemic.

The capital showcases notable gatherings such as the Gartner Data Analytics Summit, London Tech Week 2024, and London Toastmasters.

Renowned for hosting sophisticated and high-calibre speakers, many represented by The Motivational Speakers Agency, these events draw attendees from across the globe, contributing significantly to London’s economy.

And now a new survey, conducted by Champions Speakers Agency, recognises the individuals who have played instrumental roles in shaping London’s events landscape and driving its economic prosperity.
The poll was compiled via extensive research and analysis, key figures have been identified based on their influence, contributions, and impact within the industry.

Jack Hayes, Director of Champions Speakers, emphasised the vital role these inspirational keynote speakers play in London’s economy and business landscape: “Keynote speakers bring invaluable insights and perspectives to audiences, driving innovation and fostering growth within the business community. Their presence enhances the vibrancy of London’s event scene, attracting visitors and generating substantial economic benefits.

“The events industry in London generates substantial revenue, with recent data indicating a staggering £45 billion influx annually. This robust economic impact underscores the city’s pivotal role as a global destination for conferences, seminars, and summits. Moreover, the sector provides employment opportunities for over 700,000 individuals, highlighting its significance in driving employment and economic growth within the city.”

Speaking on subjects such as peak performance, business management and entrepreneurship, the poll found the top 20 London speakers to be:

Susie Wolff
Bear Grylls
Jason Fox
Steven Bartlett
Ranulph Fiennes
Roz Savage
John Amaechi
Sir Richard Branson
Floella Benjamin
Matthew Syed
Sir Clive Woodward
Rachel Botsman
Claire Lomas
Kelly Holmes
Jim Lawless
Jamil Qureshi
Mandy Hickson
Sebastian Coe
Tracy Edwards
Jason Robinson

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