Kurt Vervloet named Best Business Coach of the Year for Belgium and the Netherlands

Kurt Vervloet was named the Best Business Coach of the Year 2023 for Belgium and the Netherlands by ActionCOACH®.

Based in Belgium, Kurt Vervloet helps established entrepreneurs seeking extra growth, team efficiency, and more structure in their operations. According to his LinkedIn bio, “Entrepreneurs turn to me when they aim to accelerate their business, seek effectiveness and simplicity in growth, and desire to restore the balance between work and life.” Kurt asserts that he seeks to build a relationship with his clients where he serves as a sounding board for matters that they can’t share elsewhere.

Kurt released a statement upon winning the award that says, “Extraordinary recognition, unprecedented gratitude! Yesterday I had the honor of receiving the prestigious “Coach of the Year” award for Belgium and the Netherlands. This milestone is not just a personal victory, but a celebration of the incredible journey I’ve been on with my clients – dedicated entrepreneurs striving for growth and success. This award, presented by ActionCOACH®, recognizes the coach who has a significant, positive impact on the lives of entrepreneurs. It’s about more than just business success; It’s about creating a better work-life balance, building strong teams, and implementing efficient structures within organizations. All this with one goal: to give entrepreneurs more time and freedom for themselves, their family, and friends.”

He continues, “I am incredibly proud to receive this recognition, and it motivates me even more to help entrepreneurs realize their goals. Thank you to all my customers. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for growth, efficiency, and a better life balance, let’s start this journey together. With the right coaching, you can transform not only your business but also your personal life. Let’s work together to make your dreams come true! ”

Kurt’s tried and tested business coaching services aim to take his clients’ companies to the next level. It starts with an hour-long introductory meeting where Kurt discusses the client’s personal and professional ambitions and the specific challenges within their industry. After the initial conversation, Kurt will delve deeper into the client’s wishes and objectives, using a structured process to clarify what exactly they want to improve or change.

Next, concrete goals are set, which can be anything from more turnover or profit or more time for priorities, team alignment, productivity, or simply more enjoyment from work. An action plan with 10 to 12 strategies is developed for immediate results. To keep track of the plan and the progress, regular weekly or biweekly meetings are scheduled. All strategies are customized to each client’s unique business situation.

Kurt Vervloet also offers coaching services for executives which focus more on leadership skills and increasing effectiveness and strategic thinking. When asked about how executive coaching is different than business coaching, Kurt says, “The life of top managers is often lonely. Executive coaching offers a sounding board and sparring partner who looks objectively at the bigger picture, guides and supports where necessary, and helps to clarify objectives and challenges that you are currently struggling with. The development process of top managers is also completely different compared to that of an SME manager. Our focus is on finding new skills to further develop to help with your personal and professional development.”

Kurt has received several 5-star reviews on his Google Business Profile from clients who thank him for turning around their fate with his relevant and skillful advice. Currently, he boasts a near-flawless overall rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 from more than 15 reviews.

A recent review says, “I am very satisfied with the collaboration with Kurt as a business coach, he can offer serious added value in every area of business management and always offers clear and “to the point” solutions. If you want more structure in your agenda, learn to set goals and achieve them, Kurt is the man to have. He helps you to develop a high-performance company so that you can grow faster and consolidate this growth.”

Readers can learn more here: https://kurtvervloet.com/